Flex 24V Cordless LED Flood Light FX5131
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Flex 24V Cordless LED Flood Light FX5131

Jun 02, 2024

You can get an LED work light no matter which brand you work with, but some of them just seem to check off the box. Even though the Flex 24V Cordless LED Flood Light looks similar to other designs, there are some noteworthy differences.

There’s beauty in simplicity and Flex doesn’t make you work hard to figure out their flood light. A single button above the lens cycles through three modes from brightest to dimmest: 2000, 1000, and 500 lumens.

Using a 5Ah battery, expect to run 2000 lumens for about 5 hours, or 1 hour of runtime per amp-hour of battery you’re using.

The throw of the light is softer thanks to a built-in diffuser. Compared to other LED lights that don’t have one, it lights up your work area in a way that’s easier on your eyes. Plus, it’s a very clean throw with no artifacts and with even dimming as your eyes track toward the edges.

The color temperature is very close to neutral. If anything it has a slight touch of warmth to it. Seeing true colors and identifying the difference between two colors that are close to each other is easy.

Nearly every LED flood light pivots but not all rotate 360°. Flex takes it a step further with 360° of free rotation without any stops. You can pivot the light all way around over and over again without hitting a hard stop and having to work it in the opposite direction to get back around.

Positive stops every 30° help you dial in the angle you need.

The frame design offers several positions you can set it on for stability. If you want to get it off the floor or workbench, you have a couple of options.

A 5/8-inch threaded hole lets you connect it to a tripod and make it a stand light. Alternatively, two keyholes are an option to pop a couple of screws into a stud or joist. The light weighs 5.6 pounds without a battery, so be sure to use both keyholes into solid backing to keep it from falling.

Flex uses a rugged aluminum/tool plastic roll cage frame for this light that makes it nearly impossible to hit the lens on a drop. It’s one of the tougher-looking frame designs we’ve seen.

If w could add just one thing to this light’s design, it would be a hybrid power option. Once you invest in the system, you likely have enough batteries to cover your tools and your light. Still, being able to plug in an extension cord is a feature that offers a little insurance.

This Flex work light is available at Lowe’s for $79.99. If you look at what’s available from DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee in the same price range, none of them have anything close to this kind of output. They do have options that get you to the same performance level, but you have to go up in price significantly to get it.

Flex backs the light for 5 years—the same warranty their other lithium-ion power tool have. The Flex Founder’s warranty is still on the table as well. If you register by 12/31/21, they’ll make it a lifetime warranty.

Flex did an excellent job designing their 24V cordless flood light. Its combination of diffuser, output, and ruggedness is certainly impressive. However, it’s the value that really makes our eyes pop. Getting this level of quality and performance for a price so far under what other professional brands charge is sure to make Flex users smile when they see those other price tags.

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