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6 Best Outdoor Security Lights With Camera in the UK

Jun 03, 2023

A security light can help keep predators away from your home. And, you can further safeguard your premises by opting for an outdoor security light with a built-in camera. This way, you can see what’s happening outside your door clearly.

There are several types of security lights with built-in cameras you can buy. You can choose the one most relevant to you based on the size of your house and the area it covers. Before that, check out some related articles –

Let’s get to the outdoor security lights with a Wi-Fi camera now.


The IeGeek security camera can be used in two ways. You can either have the floodlights turned on all the time or take advantage of the built-in motion sensor to turn on the lights when movement is detected. The camera feed can then be viewed to see if someone’s around.

The camera onboard the ieGeek floodlight has a respectable 2K resolution. As such, you can zoom in to see say, a car’s license plates. It also has a wide 130-degree field of view to cover a large area. The brand has also included night vision capabilities so even if the floodlights are turned off, you won’t miss an event.

Speaking of which, the concoction ships with a pair of floodlights that are spread out at an angle, thereby ensuring they cover a large area. You can also manually adjust the angle of the lamps to point them in the desired direction. Whenever the camera detects movement, the ieGeek app will notify you on your phone.

The majority of reviews for the ieGeek floodlight camera are excellent. According to several users, the light is bright and the camera is also reliable. However, there are cases where the app has falsely notified users about movement if there’s a strong gush of wind or an insect flying across.


As opposed to the dual-lamp system on the ieGeek security light, the Ezviz camera only has a single source of light. If you have a small section outdoors leading to the entrance of your house, the Ezviz light should suffice.

The light may be smaller and of lesser intensity but the Ezviz security light’s camera is no slouch. In fact, the unit can record in 2K and it even has 32GB of built-in storage. This ensures you can record footage with the camera even if you don’t have an SD card lying around.

Just like the ieGeek lamp, this smart security camera with light also has motion detection. Ezviz claims to have used AI-powered human detection algorithms to avoid false alarms — an issue that was persistent with the ieGeek product.

Speaking of issues, some users have reported that the camera lens is susceptible to condensation over time. Do note that this can be a result of poor weatherproofing. So, you should be mindful of deploying the camera where water can’t get to it. Other than that, the light is bright enough for a small passage and the camera captures clear footage.


Eufy is well-known for its IoT and home security gadgets and the company’s Smart Floodlight camera has a lot going for it too. To that end, the apparatus features two floodlights attached to the Eufy camera to cover a wide area. While this is standard, the Eufy camera also comes with a built-in siren.

To that end, a loud siren or alarm will go off if the Eufy floodlight camera detects any human movement outside your home. Do note that you can set a time range for the siren too. More notably, the alarm serves two purposes — it alerts you of an intruder and it can scare someone trying to break into your house. Rest assured, Eufy has included a smart feature that’s simple yet practical.

The Eufy smart floodlight camera is one of the best-rated products in this category. Users say it’s easy to install and the camera quality is decent. However, if you zoom into faraway objects, they may appear pixelated.


Ring is known for its smart doorbells with cameras. And, they seemed to have used their expertise in the domain to create the Floodlight Cam Plus. This is evident when you take a look at the features and user reviews of the product. Most users who have bought the Came Wired Plus are happy with its performance.

The Ring floodlight camera is part of the company’s ecosystem. So, if you have the brand’s doorbell, you can link it with the floodlight camera. In doing so, you will automatically get a preview of who’s at the door whenever someone rings the bell. What’s more, the floodlights will turn on automatically to help you identify the person at your door. While the product is reliable, there are two main caveats.

Firstly, the camera’s resolution is limited to 1080p. If you’ve mounted your camera high up, the resolution might be limiting when zooming into people or license plates. The second gripe is that the Ring camera doesn’t record and save footage locally. So, you need to buy Ring’s cloud subscription plan if you want to store photos and videos.


Reolinks’s outdoor camera is rather unique. Unlike the aforementioned alternatives that have a single camera lens, Reolink bundles two cameras to cover an extremely wide area. Not just that, but both cameras can record at 4K. As such, the Reolink Outdoor Camera is the best option if camera quality is your priority.

The Reolink outdoor camera is a godsend for those who have large houses. Not only can you canvas a wide area of your house but you can also zoom into the footage without losing out on details. What’s more, the Reolin camera comes with an SD card slot, which is a welcome addition.

Another advantage of the Reolink camera is that you can use the cameras onboard for recording timelapse videos. So when you’re not using the cameras for security purposes, you can set the cameras to automatically record a timelapse of a sunrise or sunset too. Add to that, you get all of the other standard features like motion detection, night vision, etc.


Needless to say, the Nest cam with floodlight works best if you’re in the Google ecosystem. The live feed from the camera can be viewed on your Nest hub or smartphone at your convenience. You can also control the lights using your voice.

Google’s Nest cam with floodlight is the most expensive product on this list. Despite that, it only has a 1080p camera, which is a bummer. This means you can’t zoom in a whole lot without losing out on detail. Everything isn’t bad though as Google’s algorithms have ensured the video quality is on par, if not better than some other options on the list. And, that includes the footage snapped even at night.

While the image quality is good, you won’t be able to store photos and videos locally on the camera. You will have to purchase the Nest Aware subscription which is an additional expense. Unless you’re specifically looking to integrate your outdoor light camera with other products in the Nest ecosystem, we recommend picking up the Reolink camera.

That said, watch out for offers and deals on the Nest Cam with Floodlight since several users in the reviews section mention that they snagged the camera at a big discount.

Yes, all the cameras mentioned above have night vision capabilities. While some have black-and-white night vision, more premium cameras have color night vision too.

As long as the lights are connected to a power outlet, it doesn’t matter how the energy is produced. So yes, you can use solar power with your outdoor lights.

The point of using outdoor lights is to see visitors or keep an eye on what’s happening outside your door in the dark. However, all the cameras have the option to keep the light turned on at all times.

Outdoor security lights with cameras replace two different devices in your house with one. You don’t have to get an additional security camera for your front door, nor do you have to install floodlights with a large throw. All the abovementioned gadgets can fulfill both needs while providing additional features like motion detection and smartphone alerts.

Last updated on 26 May, 2023

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