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Jul 24, 2023

Beirut Announces New Album Hadsel, Shares “So Many Plans”

Zach Condon’s new album will be released on November 10 via his own Pompeii Records.

Words: Will Schube

Photo: Lina Gaißer

August 30, 2023

Photo by Michael Muller. Image design by Gene Bresler at Catch Light Digital. Cobver design by Jerome Curchod.Phoebe Bridgers makeup: Jenna Nelson (using Smashbox Cosmetics)Phoebe Bridgers hair: Lauren Palmer-SmithMUNA hair/makeup: Caitlin Wronski

With 232 pages and an expanded 12″ by 12″ format, our biggest print issue yet celebrates the people, places, music, and art of our hometown, including cover features on David Lynch, Nipsey Hussle, Syd, and Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records, plus Brian Wilson, Cuco, Ty Segall, Lord Huron, Remi Wolf, The Doors, the art of RISK, Taz, Estevan Oriol, Kii Arens, and Edward Colver, and so much more.

On his major label debut, the Indiana-raised artist is confident, heartbroken, and positively raging over some of the best pop-rap crossover beats you’ll ever hear.

The long-running band from Detroit proves that they need just five seconds to win over listeners who gravitate toward the type of quality noise-pop that takes chances.

The third collection of solo recordings from Big Thief’s guitarist weaves the mystical and everyday while meticulously obscuring the reality of either.

Zach Condon has announced his first new Beirut album since 2019’s Gallipoli. Out November 10 on his own Pompeii Records, according to a press release the record is “a collection of 12 songs that find warmth and solace in the most extreme darkness, from the severe self-doubt that led to the LP’s creation, to the arctic conditions that kept Condon inspired.”

The album followed persistent throat issues that forced Condon to cancel the end of Beirut’s Gallipoli tour in 2019, and to question whether he would ever be able to play a live show again. He sought not only to recover, but to escape. “During my time in Hadsel, I worked hard on the music, lost in a trance and stumbling blindly through my own mental collapse that I had been pushing aside since I was a teenager,” said Condon.

“It came and rang me like a bell. I was left agonizing many things past and present while the beauty of the nature, the northern lights and fearsome storms played an awesome show around me. The few hours of light would expose the unfathomable beauty of the mountains and the fjords, and the hours-long twilights would fill me with subdued excitement. I'd like to believe that scenery is somehow present in the music.”

Check out “So Many Plans” below, and pre-order Hadsel here.

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